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Religion In Evil Empire - Various - Breizh Disorder Volume 4 (CD)

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  2. The religion is, by Word Of God, actually based on the original beliefs of the line of Vol; Erandis simply hijacked a chunk of it for her own ambitions, and J. Random Blood of Vol Priest in Nowheresville, Karrnath, has almost certainly never heard of her and may well be no more evil than the Sovereign Host priest over in the next village.
  3. Evil Empire, Volume 1 book. Read 23 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Politics is war without bloodshed. War is politics with blood /5(23).
  4. An evil empire is a speculative fiction trope in which a major antagonist of the story is a technologically advanced nation, typically ruled by an evil emperor or empress, that aims to control the world or conquer some specific group. They are opposed by a hero from more common origins who uses their guile or the help of an underground resistance to fight them.

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