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  1. boarder one who pays a stipulated amount for meals and lodging: My boarder will be leaving at the end of the month. Not to be confused with: border – the part of an area that forms its outer boundary; the line that separates one area, state, or country from another; periphery: They are building a fence along the border. board·er (bôr′dər) n. 1.
  2. boarder definition: The definition of a boarder is a person who pays for room and meals at someone's home, or a person who gets on a plane or boat. (noun) An example of a boarder is a frequenter at a bed and breakfast. An example of a boarder is a p.
  3. Jan 31,  · Boardercross is a snowboard competition in which four snowboarders race down a course in which it is not uncommon for racers to collide with each other mid-race*. This video shows the best moments.
  4. Boardercross Print ; Email ; We produce a range of hi- tech models of different length for professional BX- racing. The boards have a modern construction: sandwich construction, — the light rocker of nose and tail, — multi- radius sidecut, — wrapped edge.
  5. Boardercross as it is usually called (often shortened to Boarder-X or BX), or Snowboard Cross as the more serious people at the International Ski Federation refer to it, is a relatively new form.
  6. boardercross competition in which a four to six snowboarders race down a course Subclass of: snowboarding.
  7. High Cascade's Summer Snowboard Cross Camp (also known as Boardercross Camp) was built in conjunction with the U.S. Olympic Snowboard team, giving you the opportunity to ride on the same course and train with some of the same coaches who produce USSA’s elite Gold sisvitalicurmalarlomicrerinreds.coinfoed for , we merged our Boardercross Camp with our new Performance .
  8. Ester Ledecka (C) of Czech Republic takes 1st place, Selina Joerg (L) of Germany takes 2nd place, Ramona Theresia Hofmeister of Germany takes 3rd place during the Ladies' Snowboard Parallel Giant Slalom Big Final on day 15 of the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games at Phoenix Snow Park on February 24, in Pyeongchang-gun, Republic of Korea.
  9. Boys Boardercross Results Girls Boardercross Results OISA State Championships Boardercross – March 10th, 16 Mar, in Banked Slalom/Boardercross / Competitions / States tagged Boardercross / States by Jamie Krueger.

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