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  1. Nov 04,  · Makmende Vies For President - YouTube Just declared the poorest country in the world, Kenya is on the verge of collapse. Poverty has ravaged the land. Corruption defines the nation.
  2. I say remove that Deletion warning, let Makmende live on David Kahara, Nairobi Kenya. —Preceding unsigned comment added by , 28 March (UTC) Discussion of the Wikipedia "scandal" I think part of what makes Makmende more notable was the repeated deletions of the page.
  3. VR and ° video for impact, Hype or not? In UNICEF launched a ° documentary film about life in a refugee camp, ‘Clouds over Sidra’, and it had people crying behind their goggles. Viewers felt they’d experienced something real, not just watched a film. ° Video was the new empathy machine.
  4. Mar 14,  · "Makmende Returns" for Just A Band's second promo from their second album, "82". The song in the credits is "Forever People (Do It So Delicious)", also from.
  5. Makmende unknown Keyan slang for any kind of thug that tries to hard to be tough. It came from mispronouncing the phrase "make my day." It started out as a genuinely badass name but then became a term to mock people.
  6. The video is a spoof of blaxploitation films, featuring a protagonist named "Makmende". The video became popular, and has been described as "Kenya's first viral internet meme". The band were featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company as a result.
  7. Makmende is a media agency with a global reach. We produce film and photography, but also design (online) media strategies and create concepts that help our clients reach audiences and enhance their social impact. We optimize our results to make sure the message triggers the right people.

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